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Live Reggae & Dub


WaDaDa is the current band of songwriter / Artiste DaDaI,


WaDaDa present a unique brand of reggae ska, and dub.

Their catchy lyrics, compelling rhythms and Jazzy horns are guaranteed to have audiences rocking and singing along to their original repertoire.


The band, based in London UK, bring to the 21st century the richness of reggae, influences include Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Bunny wailer, Toots

& the Maytals.


Their tour of England, included shows in Brighton, Oxford, Cambridge, Birmingham, Wakefield, London.

Outdoor festivals, included The Notting hill Carnival

(Europe's bggestCarnival),

One Love Festival, to name a few..


WaDaDa have a lot to say….

'Walk with love' simply sings about the need for respect for all.

Their track titled 'playing for peace', talks about the need for peace in today's world of seemingly never ending conflicts..


Their music transports you to a place where you come face to face with the universal truths of urban living, relevant not just for London, but universally.

Their songs tackle the complexities of day to day living.


WaDaDa are not afraid to ask the questions,

With Eloquence, With Conviction, With Passion

and always with Wadada (peace & Love).`                                

WaDaDa have been  recording new music, and are alll set to release some great tracks in 2021.

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